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Drawing providers from across the state together to increase knowledge and share experiences, these face-to-face trainings provide a full-day immersion into One Care and related topics. The conferences will be conducted in accessible venues in different parts of the state to provide convenient locations for all providers. The day’s schedule will include a plenary, a keynote, and breakout sessions designed to provide a wealth of information in engaging and interesting formats. CME/CEUs (where appropriate) will be available.

The audience for all the trainings on this website is One Care plans and network providers.

View Materials from Past Conferences

October 23, 2013

Putting the Person in the Center: Care for People with Disabilities

June 3, 2014, June 10, 2014, and June 18, 2014

Integration of Primary Care, Behavioral Health and Community Supports in Real Life Cases: Developing and Implementing Person-Centered Care for People with Complex Health Care Needs