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Finding the Right Fit in Assistive Technology (AT)

Assistive Technology (AT) ranges from low-tech options like adaptive utensils to very high-tech smart home technology and includes anything that supports individuals in becoming more independent to achieve their goals in work, school, or their daily lives. During this video care coordinators can explore different types of assistive technology; and think about how to better help One Care enrollees navigate, identify and obtain AT from resources such as the Assistive Technology Regional Centers in MA.


Disability Etiquette in One Care

The purpose of this video online module is to support One Care plan providers and staff in engaging One Care enrollees in their care. Based on their own personal and professional experiences, One Care Implementation Council members with disabilities offer an “insider’s perspective” on how to interact with individuals with disabilities in a manner that conveys respect and understanding.


Motivational Interviewing (MI)

Motivational Interviewing or MI is a method of interacting with individuals to facilitate health behavior change. MI is a shift away from telling people why they should change or how they should change instead MI works to draw out from the person their ideas about why change would be beneficial and how it can be done in the context of that individual’s life. During this module providers and plan staff will consider why people change health behavior, review some key concepts of MI, view examples of those concepts, and explore resources for additional training on MI.


How to Talk to Enrollees about Choices and Rights

This module provides an overview of the rights that each One Care enrollee has as part of being in One Care. This module will help you answer questions such as: What choices do enrollees have in One Care? What opportunities do enrollees have to participate in One Care? What are enrollees rights in regards to the ADA? How can enrollees question a decision?


Putting Self-Direction and Other Independent Living Principles into Practice

This module is for One Care plan staff and providers working with One Care enrollees. During this module you will review the Independent Living (IL) principles of self-determination, self-direction, dignity of risk and person-centered planning. You will hear from One Care consultants and advocates about how these principles impact the lives of people with disabilities and determine actions you can take to incorporate IL principles into your work beyond your current practice.

Self-Direction Online Module

How To Talk About One Care With The Individuals You Serve

This module provides an overview of One Care. The module will help you answer questions your patients might have, including: What is One Care? Who are the One Care plans? Where can people get enrollment help? Who is eligible? How do people enroll?

How To Talk About One Care

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