Reviewing Social Security Benefits and Debunking Myths about Working with a Disability

Recorded 09/28/22

Care coordinators are in a unique position to encourage members to consider work as part of their person-centered plan and assist them in accessing support services. This webinar reviews disability benefits (such as SSI and SSDI) offered by the Social Security Administration for individuals with disabilities and discuss some of the most common myths associated with working while receiving Social Security and other public benefits.

Speakers include:

  • Brian Forsythe, CPWIC - Work Incentives Counselor, Work Without Limits, Commonwealth Medicine (CWM), UMass Chan Medical School
  • Marjorie Longo – Project Coordinator, Ticket to Work Program, Social Security Work Incentive

Supporting One Care Members as Parents

Recorded 03/31/22

One Care offers unique benefits to members including supporting their needs as parents. This webinar discusses how care coordinators can support parents in One Care by developing goals related to parenting ​and working with parents to create care plans using innovative solutions, adaptive technology, ​and other resources to meet their goals. Presenters include a national expert and attorney discussing the rights, needs, and experiences of parents with disabilities; and a One Care Implementation Council member focused on ensuring parenting support in One Care. Presenters along with participants will consider how care coordinators can support One Care members as parents.

Speakers include:

  • Robyn Powell, Ph.D., JD – Co-investigator, National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities, Brandeis University
  • Crystal Evans – Health Equity, Disability Policy, Public Speaker & Advocate, One Care Implementation Council member
  • Henri McGill, LICSW – One Care Program Manager, MassHealth

Identifying Potential Abuse and Neglect of One Care Members

Recorded 01/12/22

Face to face visits and the close relationships established with members places care coordinators in a unique position to observe or hear about potential abuse or neglect. This webinar reviews the prevalence of abuse and neglect of individuals with disabilities, what to look for and how to report suspicions. Presenters from the Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC) review the process of filing a report and how you and DPPC can support the person with a disability.

Speakers include:

  • Jennefer Raymond, Outreach and Training Specialist, Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC)
  • Patty Quatieri – Sexual Assault Response Peer Support Leader, Disabled Persons Protection Commission (DPPC)

Integrating Virtual Care

Recorded 10/26/21

Care coordinators, providers, and community programs have had to change how they connect with members and provide care during COVID. This webinar will showcase ways in which One Care plans and community providers are integrating virtual options based on member feedback and successes. The goal is to share lessons learned from the use of virtual care during the pandemic and to think about how to incorporate these best practices for the continued use of virtual options in providing person-centered care.

Speakers include:

  • Grace Lincenberg, MS – Virtual Care Program Manager
  • Sarah Sossong, MPH – Vice President of Virtual Care, Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA)
  • Yian Xiao, MD, MBA – Head of Virtual Care, Cityblock
  • Noreen Melanson, LMHC - Director of Behavioral Health Innovation, Eliot Community Health Services

Improving Oral Health Access

Recorded 3/24/21

One Care provides oral health benefits however there is some confusion among members and providers about what the benefits are and how to access, causing delays in care or no care. When accessing oral health services, people with disabilities often face inadequate preparation by providers, inaccessible buildings or equipment, and a lack of understanding of member’s diagnoses in order to provide good, quality care.

During the webinar we’ll discuss the role of care coordinator in helping members to address barriers to oral health access including understanding benefits (including authorization and billing process), identifying appropriate providers that are accessible, preparing both members and providers for dental visits, as well as working with the dental/oral health provider to make sure that any home care instructions and/or follow up requests are provided in writing so member / Care Coordinator can share with care team members as needed.

Speakers include:

  • Leslie Diaz, Director, My Ombudsman
  • Henri McGill, One Care Program Manager, MassHealth
  • Dr Hugh Silk, UMass Memorial Health Care, UMass Medical School Professor, Family Medicine

Part II: Working with Individuals with Housing Instability

Recorded 10/07/2020

The goal of this webinar is to increase the ability of care coordinators to support MassHealth members through the process of connecting with housing resources and maintaining current housing. Presenters provide insight into navigating some of the changes in housing-related to COVID19 including the temporary eviction moratorium.

Speakers Include:

  • Keith Wales – Director of Homeless and Outreach Services, Eliot Community Human Services
  • Ruth Harel-Garvey – Director, Bay Cove Human Services, Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP)
  • Alex Valderrama – Chief Housing Specialist for the Eastern Housing Court

Part I: Discussing the Housing Landscape

Recorded 03/11/2020

Stable housing is essential for better health but navigating this terrain can be daunting. Care coordinators, LTS coordinators, and other professionals, who are familiar with affordable housing options will be better equipped to support MassHealth members, who are facing homelessness or who are in unstable housing.

Speakers Include:

  • Emily Cooper, MPH – Special Advisor on Housing for MassHealth, and Chief Housing Officer for EOEA
  • Peter Clenott – Senior Counselor, Community Teamwork Inc. (CTI), Housing Consumer Education Centers (HCEC)

Social Isolation and Loneliness: Improving the Quantity and Quality of Relationships

Recorded 05/30/2019

This webinar reviews the dramatic health impacts of social isolation and ways that professionals can identify and work with people to improve social interactions and build meaningful relationships. Community providers and persons with lived experience share best practices in discussing social isolation or loneliness and ways to address it through care planning and accessing community resources.

Speakers include:

    • Jeff Keilson – Senior Vice-President for Strategic Planning, Advocatesr
    • Peter Whitney & William Johnson
    • Ruth Osterman – Program Director, Genesis Club Inc.
    • Amber Silverman, LICSW – Behavioral Health (BH) Director, Tufts
    • Pat Wolski – Genesis Club member

Connecting to Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Services and Recovery

Recorded 03/05/2019

This webinar will explore the continuum of MassHealth substance use disorder (SUD) services in One Care, including newly added residential services, support navigators, and recovery coaches, available to improve health and increase rates of long-term recovery among individuals with SUD. Presenters from the MassHealth Office of Behavioral Health, Behavioral Health directors from the One Care plans, and an individual with lived experience working in recovery coaching will all share their thoughts on improving access to and success in substance use treatment.

Speakers include:

      • Rebecca Zwicker, CARC – Recovery Coach Supervisor
      • Adam Stoler, MPA – Manager of Addiction Treatment Services, Office of Behavioral Health (OBH), MassHealth
      • Craig Bennett, LICSW – Manager of Addictions Services, Commonwealth Care Alliance
      • Amber Silverman, LICSW – Behavioral Health (BH) Director, Tufts
      • Ashley Crane-Bassett, LMHC – BH Manager, Tufts Unify

Building Communication Access: Language and Cultural Considerations

Recorded 009/21/2018

Effective communication is essential to care planning. It facilitates your ability to identify the goals, preferences, needs and strengths of the individuals you support. These are indispensable to care and can pave the way for improved health care quality and equity for individuals with disabilities.

The goal of this webinar is to build providers’ communication skills when working with people with disabilities who do not use English as a first language, including spoken language or ASL, or who have low literacy levels related to limited education or cognitive disabilities.

Speakers include:

        • Mary M. Philbin, Ed.M. – Instructor, Primary Care, UMass Medical School
        • Jill Hatcher, MS – Assistant Director of Independent Living, DEAF, Inc.
        • Aurora Wilber, M.Ed – Project Coordinator, MA Commission for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing (MCDHH)
        • Lianette Rivera, M.Ed./BCBA/LABA – In-Home Behavioral Services (IHBS) Supervisor, Gandara Center

Addressing Sexual Health in Assessments and Care Planning

Recorded 04/28/2018

Research shows that sexual health is a common concern among individuals with disabilities, but is often unaddressed by health care professionals, with many reporting lack of sufficient provider training and perceived lack of confidence. People with disabilities are often treated as though they are not engaged in sexual activity; therefore sexual health, reproductive health, or considerations related to sexual orientation or gender identity are often not discussed.

This webinar reviews the importance of asking sexual health, sexual orientation and gender identity questions in order to ensure comprehensive assessments and quality health care and to reduce health disparities. Presenters will discuss best practices in framing questions related to sexual orientation, gender identity and sexual health.

Speakers include:

          • Maggie Sheets, MA – Healthcare Advocate, Disability Policy Consortium
          • Olivia Richard – Disability Activist, One Care enrollee
          • Lisa Krinsky, LICSW – Director, LGBT Aging Project, The Fenway Institute
          • Kevin Ard, MD, MPH – Medical Director, National LGBT Health Education Center, The Fenway Institute

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

The Role of Peers in One Care

Recorded 05/3017

Evidence shows that peer services can improve self-reliance, support recovery and resiliency, and increase abilities to access services and opportunities in the community. During this webinar we’ll explore the use of peers to improve the health outcomes for One Care enrollees and how care coordinators, care managers, LTS coordinators, and providers can make the connection to peer services. Presenters will discuss peer services available from Community Health Workers, Independent Living Centers, and Recovery Learning Communities.

Speakers include:

          • Janet Shaw , Director of Stavros Independent Living Center
          • Durrell Fox, Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund, John Snow, Inc. & Department of Public Health
          • Gary Bromley, Metro Boston Recovery Learning Community

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

Engaging One Care Enrollees in Assessments & Care Planning

Recorded 03/21/2017

Care Coordination is a cornerstone of One Care person-centered planning. Building quality relationships between care coordinators and enrollees is key. This webinar focuses on what research, experiences, and best practices say about how to engage enrollees in assessments and care planning.

Speakers include:

          • Anne Bowers, MS, University of IL at Chicago
          • Nassira Nicola, Boston Center for Independent Living (BCIL)

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

Promoting Behavioral Health Privacy Principles within One Care

Recorded 06/14/2016

This webinar describes how the stigma associated with behavioral health can affect access to care and share principles and practices identified by the Behavioral Health Privacy Workgroup to promote the use of behavioral health privacy principles within the One Care model

Speakers include:

          • Derek Tymon, Office of Providers and Plans, MassHealth
          • Zohreh King, Director of Recovery, North Suffolk Mental Health
          • Susan Fendell, Esq, Senior Attorney, Massachusetts Legal Advisors Committee

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

Health Activation: Engaging People in their Care

Recorded 04/28/2016

This webinar describes both clinician and peer-oriented approaches to engaging One Care enrollees in their own care.

Speakers include:

          • Jennifer Raymond, Director, Healthy Living Center of Excellence
          • Robert Rousseau, Director of Peer Recovery Services, FHR, Inc.

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

Caring for Individuals with Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders in One Care

Recorded 07/23/2015

In this webinar, you will learn about challenges and promising practices for engaging and providing care to One Care enrollees with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. They will also learn about the services available to enrollees with co-occurring disorders through One Care.

Speakers include:

          • David Smelson, Psy.D., Professor and Vice-Chair of Clinical Research , Dept. of Psychiatry, UMass Medical School and Director of Bedford Node of National Center for Homeless Among Veterans
          • Laura Black, NP-C, Clinical Director at Commonwealth Care Alliance
          • Nicole Bell, Consumer Consultant with lived experience

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

Enhancing Care to Homeless Individuals Through One Care

Recorded 04/02/2015

In this webinar, learn how to use strategies for identifying homeless individuals or those at risk of homelessness. Gain insight on issues related to homelessness when providing care consistent with your role as provider or plan staff, and understand how to communicate the benefits of One Care for homeless individuals. Additionally, learn about resources on homelessness that can benefit enrollees.

Speakers include:

          • Abbie Kester, LEAP Peer Leader, Everyday Miracles
          • Jessie M. Gaeta, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program
          • April Donohue, RN, Care Coordinator, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

The LTS Coordinator: Role and Benefits for One Care Enrollees

Recorded 09/18/2014

In this webinar, we will discuss making referrals to Independent Living and Long-Term Services (LTS) and Supports Coordinators, ways to explain this role to One Care enrollees, and the benefits of engaging LTS Coordinators on Interdisciplinary Care Teams. An overview of the vision of MassHealth for the role of LTS Coordinator is outlined and highlighted with examples of how LTS Coordinators are working with enrollees and interdisciplinary care teams.

Speakers include:

          • David Healey, Clinical Manager, One Care MassHealth
          • Jennifer Turpin, LTS Coordinator, Boston Center for Independent Living
          • Olivia Richard, Implementation Council Member & One Care Enrollee

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

Promoting Wellness for People with Disabilities

Recorded 03/27/2014

During this webinar, we will discuss challenges and strategies for promoting wellness among people with disabilities. One Care services that can help support efforts to achieve wellness will also be explored.

Speakers include:

          • Kenneth Duckworth, MD Medical Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Associate Medical Director for Behavioral Health at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts
          • Maresa Weems, MPH, RD, LDN, Research Dietitian, Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center, University of Massachusetts Medical School
          • David Healey, Clinical Manager, One Care Program Office of Providers and Plans, Executive Office of Health and Human Services.

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

Behavioral Health Services, Recovery and Peer Support

Recorded 01/30/2014

This webinar will provide an overview of the behavioral health services, including Department of Mental Health services, that are now available as part of One Care. It will also describe the importance of a recovery orientation and the role of peer specialists in One Care.

Speakers include:

          • Ellie Shea-Delaney, Assistant Commissioner of Program Development and Interagency Planning, Massachusetts Department of Mental Health
          • Chris Counihan, Director, MassHealth Office of Behavioral Health
          • Deborah Delman, The Transformation Center

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

Principles of Cross Cultural Competence

Recorded 11/14/2013

This webinar will offer information and practical strategies to assist plans and providers in providing culturally competent care and services to One Care enrollees. Cultural competence includes skills and practices related to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and disability.

Speakers include:

          • Heidi Holland, Program Manager for the National LGBT Health Education Center at the Fenway Institute in Boston
          • Linda Long-Bellil, Assistant Professor, Center for Health Policy and Research at UMass Medical School
          • Suzann Bedrosian, UMass Medical School consultant.

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

Recorded 10/17/2013

The webinar on ADA Compliance will offer an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Speakers will provide specific information on ADA requirements and examples of ways to meet these requirements to better serve One Care enrollees.

Speakers include:

          • Lawrence Raymond, training consultant to UMass Medical School and former Assistant Director of Human Resources, Office of Disability Director, Worcester
          • Kathy Gips, Director of Training at New England ADA Center
          • Suzann Bedrosian, UMass Medical School consultant

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

Enrollee Rights and Protections

Recorded 09/26/2013

This webinar will describe the rights and protections for enrollees in One Care. Specific topics will include enrollees’ right to participate in and choose Care Team members to make decisions about their care, grievances and appeals, and the role of the Ombudsman.

Speakers include:

        • Robin Callahan, Deputy Medicaid Director for Policy and Programs at MassHealth
        • Patrice Shelburne, CEO Beliefworks and consultant to UMass Medical School.

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

Contemporary Models of Disability: Beyond the Medical Model (Independent Living, Self-Determination and Recovery Model)

Recorded 05/13/2013

This webinar provides an overview of three different ways of thinking about all types of disability: Independent Living, Self-Determination, and the Recovery Model, which provide a framework for the person-centered care expected through One Care.

Speakers include:

        • Paul Spooner, Executive Director of Metrowest Center for Independent Living
        • Patrice Shelburne, CEO Beliefworks and Consultant to UMass Medical School
        • Anne Fracht, Self-Advocacy Coordinator at Advocates, Inc.

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

One Care An Introduction for One Care Plans

Recorded 05/23/2013

This webinar provides an overview of One Care (formerly the Duals Demonstration). The speaker, Robin Callahan, Deputy Medicaid Director for Policy and Programs at MassHealth, explains the goals of One Care and describes eligible populations, the enrollment process, services provided, and how the program operates.

The audience for this webinar is One Care Plans and network providers.

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