About Us

One Care plans and providers across the state require specific knowledge in order to fully implement One Care: MassHealth plus Medicare. Trainings are being provided by the UMass Medical School on behalf of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services through a variety of formats:

  • Live webinars
  • Recorded webinars
  • Online modules

This website is your portal to all of these learning activities.

The audience for these trainings includes:

  • One Care plan staff
  • Their contracted network providers
  • Community providers

Trainings and learning opportunities are conducted by:

  • EOHHS staff
  • Massachusetts providers
  • Consumers
  • Advocates
  • Other recognized content experts

With the support and facilitation of UMass Medical School faculty and training staff, well versed in adult education and learning principles. This collaboration ensures that the learning opportunities are informative, useful, and engaging.

All learning opportunities are designed to be accessible to all providers and plans. Should you require additional accommodations, you will have an opportunity to request such accommodations through the registration process.

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